Pelvic floor exercises are something we should be doing every day, but often skip. 

Why are pelvic floor muscles important?

Genuine core strength comes from working the muscles that lie underneath the abs.

The pelvic floor muscles are quite possibly our body’s biggest unsung heroes. They are shaped like a hammock to hold the pelvic organs – the uterus, bowel, vagina and bladder – in place. In a nutshell a strong pelvic floor means everything is kept firmly in place and you should have full control over when, where and how often you visit the loo.

Why are the pelvic floor muscles important during pregnancy?

During various times in a woman’s life – including pregnancy and childbirth – these muscles can be weakened which can lead to urinary incontinence. This can vary from occasional little leaks to total loss of control, and is something 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from.

How can I strengthen them?

There are many exercises you can do including shoulder bridges, planks and more that strengthen your whole core including the pelvic floor. Practice daily and see improvements in just a week.