Join a BuggyBeat Class

All of our Buggy Beat Instructors & their locations are listed below. As BuggyBeat is an outdoor class, venues may vary so please contact the instructor closest to you to find out exactly when and where their next class is.

BuggyBeat Aberdeen

Instrucutor: Mal Speagall
Web: www.facebook.com/buggybeataberdeen
Email: buggybeat_aberdeen@outlook.com

BuggyBeat Bracknell

Instrucutor: Jo Asplin
Tel: 07747 117190
Web: www.willingspiritexercise.co.uk
Email: willingspirit.exercise@gmail.com.

Mondays and Fridays 10.30 am North Lake, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berkshire.

Facebook Willing Spirit Exercise

Instagram @asplinjo.

BuggyBeat Scunthorpe and Barton Upon Humber

Instructor: Anais Defrocourt
Tel: 07970994810

Email: anais.hmhb@outlook.com

Mondays 1.30pm St Mary’s Church Hall in Barton-upon-Humber

Wednesdays 12.30pm Central Park in Scunthorpe

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BuggyBeat Skipton

Instructor: Annemarie Harford
Web: www.annemariethept.com

Aireville Park Skipton

Mondays & Fridays 9.30am

BuggyBeat Ipswich

Instructor: Rachel Robbie
Tel: 07747 117190
Web: www.fitnessunit.co.uk/buggyworkout

Tuesday and Friday 10-11am  Christchurch Park Ipswich

BuggyBeat Penarth

Instructor: Chelle Grant
Tel: 07402715829

Email: michrich36@icloud.com

Tuesdays at 11am at Trinity church hall Penarth


BuggyBeat  St Helens

Instructor: Leanne Belshaw
Web: www.fitnessbeyondthebump.co.uk

Tuesday 10.00am Taylor Park St Helens WA10 3HX

Thursday 10.30am Indoor Buggy Beat Tunza Centre St Helens WA10 2PZ

Facebook – Fitnessbeyondthebump

insta – Leannefitnessbeyondthebump


BuggyBeat Leicester

Instructor: Hannah Gibson
Email: hannahgibson3@hotmail.co.uk

 Wednesday Dunton Bassett Village Hall 10:00 till 10:45

 Friday Broughton Astley Village Hall 11:00 till 11:45

BuggyBeat Wimborne

Instructor: Katrina Keeling
Email: kkeelingfitness@gmail.com

Tuesdays 1.30pm & Thursdays 10am.


BuggyBeat Coventry

Instrucutor: Fran Checkley
Web: teamachieve.co.uk/buggy-beat/
Email:  fran@achievecoventry.co.uk

BuggyBeat Croydon

Instrucutor: Sue Ashenden
Tel: 07912 781642
Web:  www.bodyfitforall.uk

BuggyBeat Huntington

Instrucutor: Tania Bryant
Web:  www.taniafitness.com
Email: tania.a.bryant@gmail.com

BuggyBeat Leeds

Instrucutor: Andrea Riddoch
Web: www.facebook.com/groups/buggybeatleeds
Email: abfabfitnessleeds@gmail.com

BuggyBeat Minehead

Instrucutor: Heather Pring

Web: www.heatherpringhealthandfitness.com

Email: hpfitness023@gmail.com

BuggyBeat Orpington

Instrucutor: Fran Flin
Web: www.flinsfitness.co.uk
Email:  fran@flinfitness.co.uk

BuggyBeat Southfleet

Instrucutor: Nicola Howells
Tel:  07803 750 777

BuggyBeat Swanscombe

Instrucutor: Emma Staples
Web: m.facebook.com/EmmastaplesPt/

BuggyBeat York & Selby

Instrucutor: Mark Tipping
Tel: 07715 938779
Web: www.facebook.com/Buggy-Beat-York-Selby-196584571128789/

BuggyBeat York

Instrucutor: Anna Twose
Tel:  07507638804
Email: anna.twose@aol.com

BuggyBeat Windsor

Instrucutor: Jill Huskisson
Web: www.jillhuskisson.com/buggy-Beat-with-jill

BuggyBeat Worcester

Instrucutor: Becky Hadlington
Tel:  07970 961836
Web: www.fitnessworcester.com

BuggyBeat Clackmannanshire

Instrucutor: Terri-Ann Webster
Tel:  07585007918

Web:Facebook buggybeat Alva

BuggyBeat Ashford

Instrucutor: Sylvia Carey
Tel: 07727060456

Web: www.Sylviacarey.com

BuggyBeat Sutton Coldfield

Instrucutor: Kelly Ravenscroft
Email:  kellyravenscroft@yahoo.co.uk

Web: www.keepfitwithkelly.com

BuggyBeat Stockport

Instrucutor: Paula Thompson

BuggyBeat Bromsgrove

Instrucutor: Claire Cross

BuggyBeat Harrogate and Knaresborough

Instructor: Vicky Little
Email: Victorialittle05@gmail.com

Tel: 07447436286

Website:Buggy Beat on Facebook with Vicky

Tuesday 9:45 Knaresborough and Wednesday 9:30 at The Little Harrogate Studio

BuggyBeat Heanor

Instrucutor: Rachel Holmes
Email: Rachel@choreographytogo.com

BuggyBeat Wantage

Instrucutor: Clare Mowforth
Email: clare@coreprogress.co.uk