✈️🚊🚌Don’t be afraid to travel with a baby…. be afraid to travel with a toddler!✈️🚊🚌
Once they get mobile it’s a whole new ballgame!!!
Share your top tips today on travelling with babies and small children👇👇👇
Here are our top tips:
1) Wait a few years and it will be A LOT EASIER! For now keep holidays closer to home for easier travelling!
2) DON’T FORGET SNACKS- You can keep your little one busy with snacks especially if you don’t have time to pull over when their little tummies rumble.
3) Pick some fun activities and games for the car ride- colouring and an ipad is a simple option!
4) Plan your travel times to make it easier…whether that’s leaving after bedtime for a road trip or shifting your schedule to accommodate naps.
➡️➡️➡️ We hope you found that helpful today- happy holidays!
And don’t forget to share your top tips below!
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