The day had finally arrived and I was filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement – This might sound quite strange to some people as I’ve been in the industry for years. I’m often told that I always seem really calm and together whether I’m teaching a class of 20 or presenting to 200 people at Fit Jam.

Want to know a secret? I’m always nervous when delivering something new for the first time because I want to nail it and for the people attending to enjoy themselves. I believe this makes me a better instructor and so Buggy Beat was yet another challenge for me to face and overcome.


I’d been interviewed by the Express and Star the week before the launch and I checked their website before leaving the house and saw that the article had been published that morning. It was a great write up, a great picture (even if I do say so myself) and a whole lot of free publicity so that put me in a good mood and boosted my confidence.


Here’s the link to the article if you want to check it out:


The Mummy Trainer Interview with the Express and Star


I gathered up the personalised tote bags I’d had created as gifts, (my son had already filled them with hand sanitiser and anti-bac wipes and I’d added a personalised thank you note) popped them into a basket with weights, my paperwork and my water and placed them in the boot of my car.


The sun was shining and I was very hot in my Buggy Beat Hoody – I did have a vest top underneath but I wanted people to know I was the instructor so I was prepared to sweat for a bit! The ladies arrived and I took the register and handed out the tote bags, then we walked up to the space that I was using to run the session.


It was a beautiful day and there was a lovely breeze so the babies weren’t too uncomfortable in the buggies. We did a mixture of Functional Exercises, Resistance Training with dumbbells (I gave each attendee a pair to keep) and some Pelvic Floor exercises.


My hubby came along partway through and took some video footage and pictures for promotion and the ladies were all willing participants 🙂 We had quite a few people stop and watch bits of the session, a few dogs decided they wanted to join in too, much to the amusement of some of the babies!


The session went very well, new friendships were formed and great feedback received which made me very happy. All of the ladies left feeling happy, worked out and looking forward to next week, which meant a job well done for me!


Signing up to do the Buggy Beat course was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year, I’m constantly looking at ways to diversify within my business and as a Pre and Postnatal Specialist, it made perfect sense to offer this kind of session. I’ve had enquiries for different days and I’m already looking at different parks in the area where I can deliver more sessions!


If you want to find out more about my Buggy Beat Sessions, click on the link below and send me a message, I’ll be more than happy to help!