A Guide TO Setting Up and Teaching Successful BUGGY BEAT Sessions.

Guide To Teaching a Successful Buggy Beat Class and Commonly Asked Questions

There is a huge DEMAND for more Buggy Beat classes all over the UK and lowering the barrier to entry and making it easier for parents and guardians to exercise together in the fresh air in local parks with little ones

Are you a fitness professional or movement specialist.
You may consider teaching a BUGGY Beat class in your local park. The Buggy Beat course is certified by @CIMSPA so once certified you can add this onto your insurance.

Do You Need Permission To Operate a Class In Your Local Park

All local authorities around the UK have different park policies so find out who looks after your local parks and playgrounds with a google search and contact the department. Some authorities allow you to use the parks free of charge and to encourage exercise and usage of the park and some charge a fee either by the session or by the year so do your research and find out.

Buggy Beat is a wonderful way of encouraging local people to exercise and sets a great example to children and it gets local people into parks, so you may be able to talk with your local authority and come up with a win win for both parties.

How Do You Market Your BB Class?

Buggy Beat posts spread like wildfire. Mums LOVE sharing great info about classes with their friends so you will find your mixture of posts, graphics and videos will fly on social media.
Here at Buggy Beat HQ we film a new video for promotion every week that you can use and share with your potential clients on social media.
Marketing your class is all done online via Facebook and Instagram and the FB events app.
Network with all your local health professionals – Drs/Health Visitors/Midwives/Community Activity/Childrens centres.

Steps To Promotion?

1: Firstly, do the research and ensure there is a high demand in your area before you do the training. Post on social media and ask who is interested, can they share your post and gauge the response.

2:When you have gauged interest. Complete the training course and start your Facebook and IG frenzy.

3:The course shows you step by step how to create a buzz about your launch event.

4: Plan your free launch and drive customers to sign up for your free launch.

5:At the launch take pictures and videos to help promote your class which will begin the following week. Decide on pricing if you are organising a block of classes or course or pay as you go.

6:Network with other Buggy Beat Instructors in our vibrant BB Instructor Facebook groups which is extremely active and helpful.
I post weekly tips and ideas to keep your classes fresh and busy.

How Long Does The Training Take?

There is a 20 course of videos and reading to do. For your assessment you are required to create lesson plans and marketing plan for your launch.

Do You Require Special Insurance To Teach Buggy Beat?

Yes you will need to take out additional insurance from your usual provider.
We advocate Fitpro Insurance and you have questions please speak to Darren at Fitpro.

Do you need to be post natal qualified to teach Buggy Beat?

You need to have a Level 2 ETM or Gym or movement qualification and we highly recommend you do the Pre and Post Natal Level 3 Course – you can do this online. Buggy Beat Training has a series of guidelines and best practices on when to refer your clients to a specialist.

Do You Cancel During Bad Weather?

Very rarely. All of my Buggy Beat clients are in a Facebook messenger group and if the weather is REALLY REALLY bad we may cancel. But over the last 16 months I have cancelled maybe 3 x. We wrap up, wrap the babies up and get stuck in come rain or shine. Its part of the fun

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