Meet Katrina 👋 NEW Buggy Beat Coach launching classes in Wimborne with WOW Ladies Fitness
“I’m a certified personal trainer and British athletics licensed run leader in Wimborne, a growing market town in East Dorset. My clients are mainly women, all ages, and I work mobile and in an independent ladies gym.
I found the Buggybeat programme on IG.
There are a lot of parents locally and there are no classes that they can attend with their little ones in tow. I did a similar class in London when I was a Mum with youngsters, so I know the difficulties of not having such a thing when you want to work out and get fit.
I really liked the social media content of the course and having templates for forms and classes, so I don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper.
Take up has been steady but I’ve yet to do my first class. However I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to build up a good following for the class over time and give people a really good experience.
I found the tutorial videos really straightforward and engaging and it was pretty easy to progress through the modules.”
✅Starts Thursday 2nd May, 10-11am
✅ Redcotts Park, Wimborne.
✅ Register for your FREE trial class now!
✅Suitable for all fitness levels
✅ Mums, Dads, grandparents, carers, babies, toddlers – all welcome! 😊

✅Email wowladiesfitness@outlook.com

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