➡️➡️Meet Anaïs Defrocourt newly qualified Buggy Beat Instructor!!➡️➡️
“My name is Anaïs, I have worked as a fitness instructor for the last 6 years. In October 2018 I became a mother for the first time to my beautiful little girl Ella.
I love my job, and use my own passion for keeping healthy to help me inspire and motivate other people to do the same.
Before I became a mother, I never realised how difficult it can be for mothers, and other people who may be in charge of a baby/toddler, to find time to exercise or be able to afford child care. Realising this I decided to become a Buggy Beat instructor. I want to provide a much needed friendly service with a relaxed friendly atmosphere to mothers and other child carers in my area. I want to help them stay active and at the same time involve their child in their fitness journey.
I love a new challenge in my career as an instructor and would love to provide more services for pre- and post-natal customers as a long-term goal!”
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the team!

Thanks so much for sharing your story Anais we cant wait to see your classes launching and wish you all the best ❤️

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